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Delivering powerful, logical solutions.

Business Meeting
Business Continuity
Whatever your data consists of, it is very valuable to each of us and if it were no longer available to you it would cause significant problems in the best case scenario. For others it could mean that a business is no longer able to function...

Audio Visual

Audio-Visual is a vast subject. In its simplest form Audio-Visual is essentially how you view or listen to your content. Everything from bespoke Home Theatres to a TV in the office is something to think about. It may be that you only want/need a singular TV or you may prefer a screen in each and every room...

Home (or business) Automation is the ability to control electrical features and appliances from the touch of a button (on an iPhone or equivalent) from anywhere in the world. Outside of the technical bells and whistles, the primary function of automation is to save both time and energy...

Penetration and Security Testing
We offer security testing by acting in the same way as someone with ill intent to highlight and report any weaknesses that may be present on your network, its users making silly mistakes and even the physical access of your premises...

Infrastructure Support and Management
Your IT infrastructure is everything from your destop PCs and Laptops to Servers, Printers, Switches and even Mobile Devices.  Essentially, anything that is used by your business that is technology orientated we can look after, upgrade or guide you in any business requirements you may have...
Network Design and Troubleshooting
Your network is what makes your IT hardware work efficiently. With connections from laptops to servers or printers and your desktops need to have constant access to internet resources, it is all very important...

Fire Alarm
Security Alarm
Office Call
Fire Security
Protection of people and of buildings/equipment/work is paramount for any business or public body. We provide a complete range of Fire Alert, Fire Warning and Fire Suppression systems. We also work with your staff to devise safe processes that ensure both evacuation and site recovery is managed safely. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services dovetail into these processes seamlessly.

Alarm Security
Keeping your sites and properties safe from security breaches encompasses not only digital, network and internet systems but also includes physical breaches both in and out of hours. Our system integrations work with both staff and your business' as a whole to keep you safe. Most importantly, these services integrate into all of your systems to ensure protection of people and protection of resources/equipment is of the highest priority.
Emergency Communication Systems
If the worst every happens and you cannot access your site(s), resources or other colleagues, we have a several high-end services that ensures communication between staff and locations can continue. This is possible even if both Mobile Network (3G/4G/5G/Edge) and Fixed Telephony systems are inaccessible. We can provide you with guranteed communications and access regardless of the wider issues following a disaster.

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