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Alarm Security

Keeping your sites and properties safe from security breaches encompasses not only digital, network and internet systems but also includes physical breaches both in and out of hours. Our system integrations work with both staff and your business' as a whole to keep you safe. Most importantly, these services integrate into all of your systems to ensure protection of people and protection of resources/equipment is of the highest priority.

Outside of keeping your business and its assets safe from people looking to make money at your expense, alarm systems are a requirement of many business insurers. Having an alarm system not only protects your buisness but also has the capacity to save on overheads such as insurance costs. What if having an alarm system didnt actually cost your business? Well, we design systems to be fully integrated into every other system that offers any functionality what-so-ever. What does this mean? Well, it means that everytime you invest is a new system, it can add both value, automation and cost saving at every corner. We deploy some of the best known and respected alarm systems the market has to offer but that's not what makes us special, we're different because we look at your entire business before a system is selected, purchased and implemented. We look at the wider business and it's processes to ensure you can make use of every piece of functionbality your organisation can benefit from and ensure, where it benefits your organisation, integration is not just possible but paramount.

In the modern world, an alarm system that rings a bell or telephone's a predefined number when there is an alert, is basic stuff, if we work with yopu to look at your entire business, you'll be amazed at what other systems which have ongoing costs can be become surplus to requirment. All delivered through a working relationship with technicallySO, as we aren't just an I.T. Company or an Alarm Company, we are a complete technology company and you'll be amazed at what we can accomplish and deliver in savings for less than a traditional standalone system would cost. Outside of this, we integrate, everything that can and will benefit your organisation.

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