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Home (or business) Automation is the ability to control electrical features and appliances from the touch of a button (on an iPhone or equivalent) from anywhere in the world. Outside of the technical bells and whistles, the primary function of automation is to save both time and energy.  This equates to saving money whilst helping the environment. 


Many people like the idea of presets so that lighting and music can be automatically set to a given situation or if you felt you left the iron on whilst boarding your flight for a two week holiday, you can check and turn it off if needed. Perhaps you can even set the kettle to boil a few minutes before you arrive home for a much needed cup of tea.


All of this can start and stop with lighting or can encompass security systems and even your media/TV content.


There are a number of systems out there, providers such as Apple (HomeKit) and Google (Brillo) have developed (and are developing) platforms that will attempt to standardise any disparity of products in the automation market, a pick and choose, plug and play style solution which can be controlled by your iPhone/Siri or your Android device. There are also well established systems like this such as Z-Wave. 


There are many seasoned proprietary solutions out there too such as Loxone and Control 4 which can if desired be all encompassing. The Loxone system is particularly centralised whilst being all encompassing and eliminates the need to bolt different technologies together. 

If you want a truly futuristic and efficient home then this is technology that will make it come to life.


Get in touch if you would like to know more.

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