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Fire Security

Protection of people and of buildings/equipment/work is paramount for any business or public body. We provide a complete range of Fire Alert, Fire Warning and Fire Suppression systems. We also work with your staff to devise safe processes that ensure both evacuation and site recovery is managed safely. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Services dovetail into these processes seamlessly.

For many businesses, fire systems are a nessecity and drills and maintenace and testing is carried out as a matter of course. With today's advents of constantly elvoving technology, fire systems can now integrate into a myriad of different systems, including alaram and communication systems. In the modern world, businesses and public bodies can now implement business process automation into almost every walk of the daily life. This is where we are different from other solution providers, we don't install sigular solutions that operate with a 'silo' mentatility, we implement solutions with every business process in mind. Not only does this cost save as many systems often overlap in functionality but we rarely make money on hardware. Why? Because we are a business wide solutions integrater.

technicallySO works with customers to deliver real-world system integration, right down to the most basic of business processes. Not only does this save on capital expenditure but every day, in every activity, that every staff members perform are all saving your business money.

If you want to know more please get in touch.

In the realm of Fire Safety itself, we offer basic fire systems through to full fire suppression solutions, actively monitoring every facet of your business with the explicit aim of saving you money while delivering best of breed systems.

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