Over 20 years of information technology expertise.


Dropping any kind of technical equipment is obviously a big no no. However, having spent a little over two decades in the fastest moving industry there is, sort of makes us want to drop the mic.  We won't though of course!

Welcome to technicallySO and thank you for visiting our website. Here, we pride ourselves on excellent computer and technology support for homes and businesses, communicated in an understandable language.


Based in Henley-on-Thames we are here to offer everything from advice to training and problem diagnosis to resolution.


At technicallySO we are forward thinking and can solve your immediate problems while helping you plan for your future technology needs, whatever form they may take. From home automation to the integration of your audio visual equipment into your existing computer technology, we can help you plan, design, implement and manage it all. 


We specialise in many areas of technology, though we recognise that the majority of your problems relate to computers.  Whether they are running slowly or experiencing hardware issues or if you just need a little training, we have organised our environment to ensure that your computer needs are core to our business.  If it’s just one computer or an entire network, we have the skills and resources to help.


Brand Trust: With years of experience, we recognise that the options you have for help with your computers and technology are limited. Finally there is a brand you can trust at price that you can afford. We are here to help you have a more cohesive experience with your technology and to make sure that whatever you use your technology for, it runs as efficiently as possible for your needs.


Our experience has taught us that clients occasionally express feelings of intimidation surrounding the industry. You won't find that with technicallySO, we are here to help, it’s as simple as that. We really are quite 'normal', honest.