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Penetration and Security Testing

We offer security testing by acting in the same way as someone with illicit intentions to highlight and report any weaknesses that may be present on your network, its users making silly mistakes and even the physical access of your premises.


We can then offer a solution to each of the above. With revelations in the media in recent years of how our privacy can be compromised or 'snooped' upon, keeping our internet activity private for businesses and home users alike is something many find important. This is also an area we have a great deal of experience in helping our clients with. Whether in home or a business, access to internet based services are becoming ever more important and we rely on them more and more for everyday communications and tasks. Keeping your equipment, devices and personal, business or financial information safe whilst using the vast array of these services is very important. We are able to provide the correct levels of security and security systems to keep you safe. These solutions range from software (such as antivirus) to physical firewalls that can be configured with extreme security in mind. We can create domains to prevent unauthorised access to data on your network, even from those connected to it. We can also make sure your WiFi is secure. Whilst it is relatively rare, many routers are vulnerable to attacks that circumnavigate the need to crack your secure WiFi code. 


If you have any questions on how we can help you, please contact us for more information. In addition to the security of the internet, physical security of one’s property is also paramount. We can implement CCTV solutions that record what is happening at your property and make the content available to you wherever you are in the world. It can also alert you by email/SMS or even a phone call if there is movement anywhere in your property where and when there shouldn't be. Home or business owners can login, view the live pictures and alert the appropriate individuals or authorities where required.  Security is important to us all and comes in many different forms.


Contact us if you wish to talk through your options.


Helpful Tips:

‘Most Common Passwords’. DON 'T USE THEM! (Adding extra numbers at the start or end won't make it safe). password, password1, 123456, 654321, qwerty, Pet name, Place of birth, Iloveyou, Monkey, Name of a loved one, yourfirstname1, welcome or welcome1, football or sport you like, Mustang and other car/bike makes, Hobbies, Child's or other family members name or nickname.


All of the above are very common, don’t give anyone the opportunity of a head-start if they plan to compromise your security. Take your password out of the dictionary - Don't use sequential numbers - Replace letters with numbers where possible \'E=3\' - For added security and use special characters where possible and don't use nouns or proper nouns.


"Use the strongest WiFi security you can" Whether your router is a ASUS, Netgear or supplied by your ISP, there are various levels of WiFi security available. Please use the strongest your router has available. WEP security can be circumnavigated in just minutes.

"Think about your router"For those that don\'t know, your router is the device connects your devices to the internet using your phone line or similar. The one that was sent to you by your Internet Service Provider is NOT the best router available. A good number of these are substandard, some routers have the WiFi security key generated using an algorithm based on the routers WiFi name. These can and often have been reversed engineered. At the very least consider changing your password from the default. The \'WPS\' button on a router makes your network very insecure. ISP supplied routers often don't offer the ability to properly turn these services off.

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