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Emergency Communication Systems

If the worst every happens and you cannot access your site(s), resources or other colleagues, we have a several high-end services that ensures communication between staff and locations can continue. This is possible even if both Mobile Network (3G/4G/5G/Edge) and Fixed Telephony systems are inaccessible. We can provide you with guranteed communications and access regardless of the wider issues following a disaster.

Communication is paramount for every business on every level, it's something we have all come to reply on. This encompasses systems that run email, internet access, callaborative working, virtual workspaces, file sharing and of course telephony. Whilst we work with many organisations surrounding both business continuity or disaster recovery, all of these are predicated of fail-over communications systems. For example, if your phone system goes down, you can switch to a back-up or use mobile phones with call forwarding in place. If your internet connection or a switch/router crashes there are a myriad of ways to ensure either no or very little business impact occurs. What if all your backups fail, or your backups of backups fail too. It might be extremely unlikley but many businesses simply can't function without communication. If all your traditional failovers 'fail' how would your bsuiness continue to operate?

Let's use an example; if you main telephone line goes down, you switch to a backup line, what if this is out of operation too. This sounds unlikley but many business need to be able to access communications systems no matter what. For example, with state sponsored hacking, national infrastructure is always at risk. If the telephone network in your area was to ever go down for a significant period, evrey business (and individal) would switch to the cell networks. Cell networks get overloaded, actually quite easily. Ever been out on New Years Eve and want to call a loved one on the stroke of midnight, you'll likley be familiar with how hard this can be. Cell networks handle regular loads extremely well, it can handle usuage spikes well too as this doesnt happen that often.


If the main fixed line connectivity in your area goes down (it would only take your local telephone exchange to flood or the lines coming in and out to be severed by an overzealous digger driver for this to happen) the cell network would quickly follow due to over subscription. In such a scenario how would you communicate? You can bet that important government services/officials, the extremley weathly would be able to communicate. That's where we come in. We have a range of options in place and work with lot's of organisations all over the world to provide the same 'special access' that the elite and powerful have.

From preferencial access to cell services to virtual exchange re-routing and encrypted high bandwidth satellite communications systems, we can have you back up and running in minutes. We're here not just for your daily needs of technology but to ensure your access to communications remain intact when nobody else's can.


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